‘Schadenfreude’ – a music video

Despite vowing not to agree to any more unpaid, “it’ll look great in your portfolio” commissions I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a music video for one of my musical heroes, Ginger Wildheart. I’ve done various bits of artwork for Ginger in the past but I’d never made a music video for anyone. The only video editing I’d done was years ago when working at an art college. Ginger asked 10 artists to make a video for each track from ‘The Frankenstein Effect’, the first album from his gloriously heavy and experimental Mutation project to help promote the Pledge Music campaign to release the album (plus two others!). In the end only two videos were completed in time for the campaign – sadly due to my other commitments I couldn’t prioritise the project and mine was finished too late (although, at the time of writing this you can still pledge and buy the album). You can now view the finished video above and on YouTube – if you like it please share it with all family and friends.

Ginger Wildheart Mutation - Schadenfreudefe - two

Making the video was a fun challenge and a great learning experience, and I’m pleased with the scuzzy results. I tried my best to complement the song’s adrenalin rush of metal madness – all on a budget of approximately £30! Massive thanks to my brother, Mark for the fun day of filming, and my wife Natasha for further filming assistance and awesome hand-modelling. I did everything else including editing, typography, donkey head making, ‘acting’, special effects, filming and directing. Pump up the volume and enjoy the mind melting visuals! Eins, zwei, drei, vier!

Ginger Wildheart Mutation - Schadenfreude- fourGinger Wildheart Mutation - Schadenfreude - three


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