The Neko Case Tour Poster That Never Was

Neko Case concert poster art
Neko Case tour poster design

Here’s my finished artwork for the now sadly aborted  Creative Allies Neko Case poster contest. You can read the full story of why Neko cancelled the contest here. I personally don’t see art competitions as ‘spec work’ and was really disappointed to see the plug get pulled on this one. It’s a real shame that one guy’s misplaced over sensitivity ended up spoiling it for everyone else. I’m a big fan of Neko’s music (and the New Pornographers too) and was excited to be able to play around with a cool brief with the potential of a decent prize at the end. I enjoyed the challenge of incorporating the brilliantly long new album title into the poster design.

I’d nearly completed my design by the time Creative Allies took the contest off their site but I couldn’t leave it unfinished. I’m really pleased with it and Neko herself said, “Salmony!! Love it!!” when I sent it to her, so that’ll do for me. Creative Allies seems to be one of the slightly less evil crowdsourcing sites and I’m sure I’ll be taking part in another contest soon…


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