‘Congratulations!’ (World Down Syndrome Day 21/3/2018)

In honour of World Down Syndrome Day I’m sharing this recently completed portrait based on a sketch I made when working at an amazing SEN school in London. Really proud of this one – I think it’s one of the best portraits I’ve painted.


A search on Google images reveals there are woefully few painted portraits of people with Down’s (or indeed any learning disability). I believe people who happen to have one extra chromosome are just as worthy of having their portrait painted as the usual royals, celebs, politicians and conventionally beautiful who so often feature on gallery/museum walls. They are just as capable of inspiring enough admiration and affection in an artist to conjure up a strong portrait. Let’s hope we start seeing some more!¬†ūüĎć

#WDSD18 #InclusionMatters

2015: The Year of the Bubblegum Phoenix

Happy new year folks! Here’s a few shots of a recent private commission which I like to call ‘The Bubblegum Phoenix’. It’s the latest of my 3D hand-painted sculptures (to see more click on the ‘3D ART’ tab above) and I’m really pleased with how this one turned out…

Click on image to enlarge:

‘Synchronicity’ for Amelia’s Magazine

This was my submission for the recent ‘That Which We Do Not Understand’ open brief celebrating 10 years of the illustrated art, music and fashion¬†periodical, Amelia’s Magazine.

Synchronicity Amelia's Magazine

The brief asked artists to be inspired by “mysticism, spirituality, alchemy, paganism, witchcraft, herbalism, shamanism, magick, voodoo, folklore, occult, esotericism, tarot, astrology, animal spirits, paranormal activities, the moon and much more”. A nightmare list there for Richard Dawkins perhaps, but a dream brief for yours truly.

My piece, ‘Synchronicity’ is inspired by my admiration for the work of that most mystical man of science,¬†Carl Jung.¬†Though he was a¬†practising¬†clinician and considered himself to be a scientist,¬†much Jung’s life work was spent exploring¬†areas such as Eastern¬†and¬†Western philosophy/religion, alchemy, astrology, and sociology.¬†About four years ago I became fascinated with Jung’s studies into the occult and “that which we do not understand”. I¬†was¬†struck by his studies into the unconscious, his fundamental role in the recognition of art as therapy and in particular his theory of¬†“synchronicity”.¬†Jung coined the word to describe¬†the experience¬†of two or more events¬†as meaningfully¬†related, or a “meaningful coincidence”. I’ve¬†recognised¬†this phenomenon in my life many times in various manifestations, a few of which are symbolised in my illustration.

The golden scarab in my illustration refers to Jung’s most famous example of synchronicity where he was treating a psychiatric patient who described to him a dream she had the night before of someone giving her a gold scarab. As the patient described the dream there was a tapping at the window¬†pane. Jung opened the window and let in a¬†scarabaeid¬†beetle,¬†handed it to his patient with the words, “Here is your scarab.”¬†This experience apparently “punctured the desired hole in her rationalism”- something I can’t help but feel would help many people today.¬†

Three recent music posters – Ozzy, Neko and The Horrors

Below are three recent poster designs I created via¬†Creative Allies, tour posters for Neko Case and The Horrors and an Ozzy Osbourne one celebrating the release of his ‘Memoirs of a Madman’ best of album. I LOVE¬†making artwork for music and welcome any great gig poster, album artwork, merch design commissions / collaborations:

Ozzy Osbourne poster by David Heulun
Ozzy Osbourne poster by David Heulun

Neko Case concert poster art
Neko Case tour poster design

The Horrors 'Luminous' 2014 US Tour poster design
The Horrors ‘Luminous’ 2014 US Tour poster design

New Redbubble store and Zazzle store update

I’ve recently joined up with the mighty Redbubble to produce some exciting new merchandise featuring my artwork. As well as fantastic quality prints and posters you’ll also find super cool smart phone covers, tasty tote bags and even throw pillows to add an extra splash of pop surrealism to your home. Check out the goodies here:¬†http://www.redbubble.com/people/heulun/shop

'Blue Tabu' print
‘Blue Tabu’ print

Redbubble is a US based print on demand market place for artists to create and sell wall art, t-shirts and other products. It’s a great hassle-free way for me to make some affordable print editions of my artworks and also try out my designs on some other fun¬†products.

'Gas Genie' phone cover
‘Gas Genie’ phone cover

Redbubble deliver from both the USA and UK and promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Just remember to allow a week or two for delivery if you’re in the UK, Canada, Australia, Italy or Germany. More details on their shipping and delivery policies can be found here:¬†http://support.redbubble.com/kb/top20/shipping-and-delivery

'Space Cowboy' cushion
‘Space Cowboy’ cushion

I’ve also updated my Zazzle store with five new designs and lowered the prices on the poster prints available. The print quality and service provided by Zazzle is all superb and I’ve had some great feedback from happy customers who have bought prints from my Zazzle store. Check out the merchandise here:¬†http://www.zazzle.co.uk/heulun*

Rainbow framed print Heulun


Above: ‘Sing a Rainbow’ framed print- Now available in the Zazzle store.